Suki Suki naturals


Suki Suki Naturals was born when founder, Linda, saw a gap in the South African Market for natural and organic hair care products. Being an entrepreneur meant handling all aspects of the business and getting things done quickly, including the design.

Fast-forward four years and in addition to the haircare products, the company formulated a new skin care range and it was the perfect time for a brand refresh. The previous design was dark and overly complicated, neither of which spoke to Suki Suki’s story.

The concept of the new brand started with the idea of using the fingerprint, a mark we leave on everything we touch, and implementing a new colorful palette. In order to keep the hair products cohesive with the previous packaging, we selected new bottle dimensions but kept them amber to maintain the organic nature, and used the new suki pink for the text. We incorporated the fingerprint illustration at the launch of her skincare range, which customers also perceived as sand dunes or african patterns. We kept the logo as a word mark and selected a font that was elegant and had an African feel to it. With the new application of the brand, Suki felt African, clean, and happy.

As a result of the new look and demand for retail shelf space, Wellness Warehouse, South Africa’s biggest health shop, invited Suki Suki Naturals to stock her products at their shops across the nation. Linda is the first black female business owner to be invited to stock her products at a Wellness shelf. Also, in August 2019 Suki will be stocked in the US at Rily Rose.

Some words about Suki:
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