personal Project:
weekly screen printed postcards


I started a weekly passion projected called What I Love About South Africa. As an expat living in Joburg, it is easy to fall in the trap of comparing and complaining. There's no reliable public transport here, the amount of poverty you see is agonizing, there are about three gates you have to unlock to get out of your property--you get the gist. But thinking about the dysfunctional parts of the country really dampens the experience and what place is flawless. I decided to create a passion project that encourages me to find the beauty in this place and what makes South Africa loveable, one postcard at a time.

Under the mentor of Olwandle Studios, I've been learning the art and craft of screen printing. To make the project more engaging, I upload my postcards on instagram and let followers make requests. 

Follow along my passion project here and comment if you want to see something you love about South Africa, printed.