Pluto Space


Pluto Space (formally known as Pluto Construction) is a family-run business that survived without a logo nor an online presence for twenty-five years. When Stephan took over his father’s company, he knew it was time to have a brand, especially in Johannesburg’s competitive real estate market.

Stephan’s business model entails renting out office space, and for that reason I thought the business name Pluto Construction was misleading. No better time to change a name when doing a new logo and generating online presence. So, I suggested keeping the Pluto and dropping the Construction for Space, and that is what we finalized on.

Stephan is German and he gravitates towards Bauhaus design, so I chose Futura as the font and the geometric lines of the PS above the name is inspired from floor plans.

With a new logo, business cards, and website, Stephan is able to confidently expand his business and bring in new clients.