Kush Healing


After being recognized as the top performer at Africology in South Africa, Cynthia knew it was time to venture into her own business. With over 12 years of providing beauty therapy services, Cynthia opened Kush Healing Therapy, a holistic beauty therapy service that delves into the healing of the mind, body, and the soul by infusing energy healing and therapeutic remedies with essential oils and crystals. 

The source of inspiration for the logo is found from South Africa's fynbos (natural shrubland), which is grown in the western region. Fynbos have medical benefits and is often used in traditional medication to alleviate symptoms.

One of the fynbos, called March Lily, also known as the Naked Lady, blooms during March and April and is considered one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Kush Healing launched in April so the timing was perfect. To create the flower I used geometric shapes since they are ideal for modeling nature, and fractal designs have been used in everything from hairstyles and architecture to artwork and religious practices in African culture.

kush business cards.jpg