Japan Day @ Central Park


Japan day at Central Park is an annual event in the spring that celebrates Japanese culture with New Yorkers that attracts over 50,000 people. Every year they call for submissions of artwork incorporating the themes of "New York," "Japan," and "Central Park." In 2014 I received honorable mention and the following essay accompanied my piece: 

Koi can symbolize: courage, strength, ambition, longevity, perseverance, and fortune. Although they are often associated with bringing beauty to serene bodies of water, they can also swim upstream against currents, exhibiting energy and perseverance. These qualities of both peace and strength inspired my work for NYC and Japan day.

I added dimensionality and movement by exploring size, direction, and placement of the koi. There are different ways to interpret my piece. Some may see it as looking into a koi pond and seeing the reflection. Others may see it as the skyline and fantastical koi swimming through the cherry blossoms; regardless of how you see it, I wanted to express optimism.