Isabelle Stewart Gardner Museum


The purpose of this project was to create a new identity system for the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. This includes a mark, a typeface, and the extension of these to supplemental materials. The concept behind this identity is bridge. The museum is a space that forms a bridge for the community to the arts from classical to modern pieces. The mark is extracted from the arches in the courtyard that is located in the heart of the museum. In addition to art, Isabella had a passion for horticulture and garden design. The courtyard is visible from every room connecting art with the landscape.

Teal is used as the primary color and it represents all the greenery. The mark is repeated in a circular pattern that is used in the extensions along with the colors; purple is used for the old building because of it's victorian association, red can be found in the new library so it is used for promotional pieces within the new building, and orange is used for educational programs because of it's friendly association. The architecture of the old museum is modeled after a venetian building so the typeface used is Requiem, which is inspired by an illustration manual from the 16th century in Renaissance Italy.

turkish textiles.JPG