Biscuit By Design


Biscuit by Design (BBD) is a cookie business in Johannesburg, South Africa, that transforms ordinary cookies into edible art. The core of the business began when a mom felt inspired by her kids to be creative and experimental in the kitchen. Using brightly-colored icing and different shaped biscuits, BBD can transform average biscuits into something out of the ordinary.

When BBD reached a point where their demands were high and their clientele diversified, they knew it was time to invest in building a brand. In addition to a logo and all of the brand elements, their priority was creating a solid package because their cookies were going to be sold at OR Tambo Johannesburg International Airport.

The logo was inspired by icing, and the font is customized to mirror the motion of icing a biscuit. The biscuits appeal to a wide age group so the navy color is chosen to give a bit of sophistication while the remaining color palette adds playfulness. The pattern is created with icons of animals and popular holiday cookie shapes. The idea of the sleeve is that depending on the type of cookie, the design could be interchanged for the appropriate illustration and copy.

BBD cookies are sold at O.R. Tambo and distributed across Johannesburg, thriving and bringing joy to children and adults.