Hello! I'm Rachel, a freelance graphic designer and graduate from the
Rhode Island School of Design. I'm from Boston, Massachusetts, and currently
living in Johannesburg, South Africa. I craft bespoke design solutions for local and
international individuals, small businesses, and corporates. I've had the opportunity to live
in Japan, France and now South Africa, all of which have deeply enriched my design ethos. 

I love to paint, take walks with my dog, have a good laugh, bake chocolate chip cookies,
go to live music shows, box (sandbags), and solve riddles.

I enjoy working closely with my clients and getting to interact on a personal level, so get in
touch and let's chat about collaborating on your next great project. 


This is what I'm currently learning:
Screen printing at
Olwandle Studios in Victoria Yards.
Botanical Illustration with
Ann Harris


Email me at rmsandler@gmail.com, or follow me on instagram, pinterest or twitter.


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